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Panasonic EPS-41 EPS41 711-D7

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Diamond 0.7 mil conical tip needle. All plastic construction except for the diamond.16, 33 or 45rpm LP's, NOT for 78rpm   AUE CARTRIDGES CP33  CP-33 CP33S  CP-33SAUDIO TECHNICA CARTRIDGES SERIESII TM2CONCERT HALL 704 940 105 110 105 110 211 220 220 222 224 222 224 704 7420-28A 742028A 7420A 7428A 940 DISCOKIDIII 105 110 211 220 221 7420A 7425 7426 7427 7428 DISCOKIDIIDEJAY 111 147 275 474 666 777 SP25 SP77 SP576 SP476 DENON CARTRIDGES DSC-726F DSC726F DORCHESTER MODELS M800 M900 M1000 900 1000 CPR-75 CPR75 CRPA-80 CRPA80 MC1000 MC80 MC800 MC900 MMC 300 MMC300 RP25 RP60 RPA65 RRP200 RRP200 EMERSON MODELS M2660A M2660P M2100E 2660P 5050PA M2404 M2404 M2660A EVG NEEDLES PM2854D FIDELITONE NEEDLES A800 AG02 FISHER MODELS SDT201 SDT9211 SDT9310 GRAND PRIX MODELS 5415 5425 5460 5475 9125 9165 9180 9500 HITACHI MODELS SDQ-7720 SDQ7720 SDQ-7721 SDQ7721 SDT-9211 SDT9211 SDT-9330 SDT9330 SDT-9333 SDT9333 SDT-9341 SDT9341 SDT-9201 SDT9201 SDQ-7720 SDQ7720 SDT-9310 SDT9310 MAGNAVOX NEEDLES 5604330001 MAGNOVOX MODELS BA6264-PE02 BC6386PE01 BA6264PE02 BA6265-PE02 BA6265PE02 BA6266-PE02 BA6266PE02 BA6267-PE02 BA6267PE02 BA6268-PE02 BA6268PE02 BA6269-PE02 BA6269PE02 BA6270-PE02 BA6270PE02 BA6271-PE02 BA6271PE02 BA6272-PE02 BA6272PE02 BA6273-PE02 BA6273PE02 BA6274-PE02 BA6274PE02 BA6275-PE02 BA6275PE02 BA6276-PE02 BA6276PE02 BA6277-PE02 BA6277PE02 B86056-PE02 B86056PE02 BB6377 BB6572-PE02 BB6572PE02 BB6757-PE02 BB6757PE02 BB6886-S02 BB6886S02 BB1737 BB1738 BB1737 BB1738 BB1739 BB1740 BB1741 BB1742 BB1738 BB1742 BB6056PE02 BB6167 BB6167PE02 BB6264-PE02 BB6264PE02 BB6265-PE02 BB6265PE02BB6266-PE02 BB6266PE02 BB6267-PE02 BB6267PE02 BB6268-PE02 BB6268PE02 BB6269-PE02 BB6269PE02 BB6270-PE02 BB6270PE02 BB6271-PE02 BB6271PE02 BB6272-PE02 BB6272PE02 BB6273-PE02 BB6273PE02 BB6274-PE02 BB6274PE02 BB6275-PE02 BB6275PE02 BB6276-PE02 BB6276PE02 BB6277-PE02 BB6277PE02 BB6377 BB6572 BB6575 BB6572-HP02 BB6572HP02 BB6575-HP02 BB6575HP02 BB6572PE02 BB6757PE02 BB6886S02 BB7011 BB7022 BC6066 BC6177 BC6286 BC6366 BC6562 BJ6264-PE02 BJ6264PE02 BJ6265-PE02 BJ6265PE02 BJ6266-PE02 BJ6266PE02 BJ6267-PE02 BJ6267PE02 BJ6268-PE02 BJ6268PE02 BJ6269-PE02 BJ6269PE02 BJ6270-PE02 BJ6270PE02 BJ6271-PE02 BJ6271PE02 BJ6272-PE02 BJ6272PE02 BJ6273-PE02 BJ6273PE02 BJ6274-PE02 BJ6274PE02 BJ6275-PE02 BJ6275PE02 BJ6276-PE02 BJ6276PE02 BJ6277-PE02 BJ6277PE02 BK6264-PE02 BK6264PE02 BK6265-PE02 BK6265PE02 BK6266-PE02 BK6266PE02 BK6267-PE02 BK6267PE02 BK6268-PE02 BK6268PE02 BK6269-PE02 BK6269PE02 BK6270-PE02 BK6270PE02 BK6271-PE02 BK6271PE02 BK6272-PE02 BK6272PE02 BK6273-PE02 BK6273PE02 BK6274-PE02 BK6274PE02 BK6275-PE02 BK6275PE02 BK6276-PE02 BK6276PE02 BK6277-PE02 BK6277PE02 RB5446 PANASONIC/TECHNICS MODELS SC-R500 SCR500 SC-T100 SCT100 SC-T305 SCT305 SC-3000 SC3000 SC-3015 SC3015 SC-3016 SC3016 SG-3030 SG3030 SG-D27 SGD27 SG-100 SG100 SG-D160 SGD160 SG-200 SG200 SG-260 SG260 SG-D270 SGD270 SG-360 SG360 SG-D460 SGD460 SG-J500 SGJ500 SG-555 SG555 SG-600 SG600 SG-800 SG800 SG-V01 SGV01 SG-V05 SGV05 SG-V101 SGV101 SG-V300 SGV300 SG-V400 SGV400 SG-X7K SGX7K SG-X7S SGX7S SG-X88 SGX88 SG-X10 SGX10 SG-V03 SGV03 SC-T500 SCT500 SG-370 SG370 SC-3046 SC3046 SC-3102 SC3102 SC-3110 SC3110 SG-150 SG150 SG-V33 SGV33 SG-HM22 SGHM22PANASONIC/TECHNICS NEEDLES EPS-38 EPS38 EPS-38STSD EPS38STSD EPS-41 EPS41 EPS-41ST EPS41ST EPS-41STSD EPS41STSDPANASONIC/TECHNICS CARTRIDGES EPC-07STAD EPC07STAD EPC-09 EPC09 EPC-13 EPC13 EPC-13STHD EPC13STHD EPC-16 EPC16 EPC-16STHD EPC16STHD EPC-16STSD EPC16STSD EPC-17 EPC17 EPC-17STHD EPC17STHD PHILCO MODELS M1727 H2937Q W9127 RADIO SHACK NEEDLES RS1061RECOTON 984 925 SP923 SP924 SP925 SANSUI MODELS GXT-100 GXT100 JXT45 JXT4550 SYSTEMG100 SANYO MODELS G100 G230 G255 GXT-100 GXT100 JX45 JX50 JXT50 ST03 ST50 SANYO NEEDLES ST-03 ST-50 SEARS CARTRIDGES 8946 8947 SEARS MODELS 2916 2940 29160 29340 91716 91717 91825 91826 91854 91917 91922 91923 91924 91946 91969 91972 SONY MODELS HMK119 SONY CARTRTDGES VX-60G VX60G SOUNDESIGN MODELS 6647 6656 6772 SYLVANIA MODELS WRD140 TOSHIBA NEEDLES N-60C N60C N-61C N61C TOSHIBA CARTRIDGES C-21D C21D VANITY FAIR MODELS 100 112 115 118 119 123 143 MICHAEL JACKSON 300 7100 7400 7401 7400 7401 7700 7750 8103 8104 8700 8750 8700 8750 ANNIECRAYOLA COUNTRYWESTERN DUKESOFHAZZARD MUSICTIME SMURFS WKRP YORKS MODELS 2657 2686 M2657 M2686 M2605

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  1. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2016

    I am very pleased with the product I ordered , it was an exact fit for my turntable, pleased with the method of shipping. The option being able to send pictures of original product before ordering a replacement was very useful.

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