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Generic Needle / Stylus for Audio Technica ATN-3601E

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Brand New (factory sealed box). The color must be vary  Diamond .3 X 0.7 mil Elliptical tip needle. 16 or 33 or 45rpm NOT for 78rpm 1.5 - 2.5 grams tracking pressure  Original needle color is usually:  RED or YELLOW or just about any other color, different colors were used for different marketing channels.   AUDIO TECHNICA CARTRIDGES AT-3600 AT3600 AT-3600L AT3600L AT-3601 AT3601 AT-3601 AT3601 AT-3650 AT3650 AT-3650L AT3650L AT-3651 AT3651 DB57 TR411 AT-N-2003 ATN2003 CN-5625AL CN5625AL CN-5625AL CN5625AL AT-3601 AT3601 AT-3602E AT3602E  AT-91 AT91 AUDIO TECHNICA NEEDLES ATN-3600L ATN3600L ATN-3601E ATN3601E ATN-3602E ATN3602E ATN-3601 ATN3601 ATN-3650 ATN3650 ATN-3650C ATN3650C ATN-3650L ATN3650L ATN-3652 ATN3652 ATN-3652E ATN3652E ATN-2001 ATN2001 ATN-2002 ATN2002 ATN-2003 ATN2003 ATN-2004 ATN2004 ATN-2005 ATN2005 ATN-3651 ATN3651 ATN-3691 N5650 ATN-91 ATN91 ATN-91E ATN91E AIWA NEEDLES AN-11 AN11 AIWA MODELS PX-E850 PX-E860U RX-E860U AKAI CARTRIDGE PC-82 PC82AKAI NEEDLE RS-82 RS82CURTIS MODELS KP400 KX2000 CURTIS NEEDLES EPS-43STSD EPS43STSD RB00005 CURTIS CARTRIDGES EPC-36SMBD EPC36SMBD RB00004 DENON CARTRIDGES DSN-72 DSN72 JM-78K JM78K DENON DSN-82 DSN82 DSN-84 DSN84DUAL CARTRIDGES DMS-235 DMS235 DMS-239 DMS239 DUAL MODELS CS138 CS511 CS514 CS520 CS610Q HIFI1020 HIFI1120 HIFI1160 HIFI1180 HIFI1260 HIFI1460 HS120 HS144 DUAL NEEDLES DN-235 DN235 DN-239 DN239 EVG NEEDLES 2312D PM2312D JVC CARTRIDGES DT-55II DT55II QL-F300 QLF300 DT-55 DT55 L-F11Z LF11Z MD-1055E MD1055E MD-1055Z MD1055Z JVC MODELS AL-A10BK ALA10BK AL-A10 ALA10 AL-E11 ALE11 AL-E33 ALE33 D-C-33 DC33 E11BK F-X1B FX1B F-X2B FX2B F-X3B FX3B F-X10B FX10B G-AV350 GAV350 G-AV500 GAV500 G-R100 GR100 G-R200 GR200 G-R300 GR300 G-R50 GR50 G-R11 GR11 G-R1B GR1B G-R22 GR22 G-R44 GR44 G-X100 GX100 G-X200 GX200 G-X300 GX300 G-X1B GX1B G-X200B GX200B G-X202B GX202B G-X222 GX222 G-X4-B GX4B G-X400 GX400 G-X400B GX400B G-X100B GX100B G-X111 GX111 G-X150X1B GX150X1B G-X111 GX111 G-X11B GX11B G-X11BM GX11BM G-X150 GX150 G-X2B GX2B G-X2BW GX2BW G-X300B GX300B G-X300S GX300S G-X302B GX302B G-X333 GX333 G-X3BW GX3BW G-X3CD GX3CD G-X400S GX400S G-X400SW  GX400SW G-XW1B GXW1B G-XW10B GXW10B G-XW310B GXW310B G-XW312B GXW312B G-XW312S GXW312S L-A100 LA100 L-A110 LA110 L-A110B LA110B L-A120B LA120B L-A55 LA55 L-A90 LA90 L-A100(SOME) LA100(SOME) L-A100 LA100 L-T11 LT11 L-A90 LA90 L-AX1B LAX1B L-AX1 LAX1 L-3B L3B L-11B L11B L-AX1 LAX1 L-F210 LF210 L-F210-B LF210B L-L10 LL10 L-L10B LL10B L-T11 LT11 MIDI-W11 MIDIW11 QL-A200 QLA200 QL-A220 QLA220 QL-A220B QLA220B QL-F300 QLF300 QL-F320 QLF320 QL-F320B QLF320B QL-FX5 QLFX5 QL-FX5B QLFX5B STYLISTIC-110 STYLISTIC110 STYLISTIC-222 STYLISTIC222 STYLISTIC-34 STYLISTIC34 STYLISTIC-36 STYLISTIC36 STYLISTIC-40 STYLISTIC40 STYLISTIC-401 STYLISTIC401 STYLISTIC-403 STYLISTIC403 STYLISTIC-405 STYLISTIC405 STYLISTIC-GX1B STYLISTICGX1B STYLISTIC-GX11B STYLISTICGX11B STYLISTIC-GX2B STYLISTICGX2B STYLISTIC-GX3B STYLISTICGX3B STYLISTIC-GX3R STYLISTICGX3R STYLISTIC-L-L10B STYLISTICLL10B XL-V-200 XLV200 JVC NEEDLES DT-55 DT55 DT 55B DT55B DT-55W DT55W DT-55II DT55II DT-59 DT-58II DT59 DT58II KENWOOD NEEDLES N-74 N-76 N74 N76 KENWOOD CARTRIDGES V-76 V-74 V76 V74 MAGNAVOX NEEDLES 25130072 MAGNOVOX MODELS 1850 1851 BC1849 MD1849ONKYO CARTRIDGES OC-61 OC61 ONKYO MODELS CP-1033A CP1033A CP-1007A CP1007A CP-1022A CP1022A CP-1026A CP1026A CP-1044A CP1044A CP-1046F CP1046F LICENSE37 LICENSE17X LICENSE17X27 LICENSE37 SOUNDSTAGE22 SOUNDSTAGE33 SOUNDSTAGE44 SYSTEM1 SYSTEM1XB SYSTEM2XB SYSTEM15 SYSTEM15X SYSTEM26X SYSTEM435-20R SYSTEM43520R ONKYO NEEDLES DN-61ST DN61ST DN-63STE DN63STE DN-65ST DN65ST PANASONIC CARTRIDGES EPC-43STSD EPC43STSD PANASONIC/TECHNICS CARTRIDGES EPC-36 EPC36 EPC-36SMBD EPC36SMBD EPC-43STSD EPC43STSD EPC-75SMHD EPC75SMHD PANASONIC/TECHNICS MODELS P5R(Soundscape) P7 SC-3212 SC3212 SG-V11 SGV11 SC-3111 SC3111 SC-3112 SC3112 SC-3200 SC3200 SC-3202 SC3202 SC-3210 SC3210 SC-3211 SC3211 SC-3400 SC3400 SC-3101 SC3101 SC-3201 SC3201 SG-V55 SGV55  PANASONIC/TECHNICS NEEDLES EPS-43STSD EPS43STSD EPS-75STHSD EPS75STHSD PHILCO MODELS M2766QPHILIPS MODELS  F880 F883PHILIPS CARTRIDGES F310 F320 F330 F780 GP780PIONEER NEEDLES  PZP1004 PN-230 PN-240 PN230 PN240 PIONEER CARTRIDGES PC-230 PC-240 PC230 PC240 PIONEER MODELS 4000 A1000 A3000 A4000 PERSONA-S30 PERSONAS30 PERSONA S30 PL-340 PL340 PL-340 PL340 PL-600 PL600 SYSTEM-5400 SYSTEM5400 SYSTEM-X2000 SYSTEMX2000 PL-202 PL-202AZ PL202 PL202AZSANSUI NEEDLES SN111 SN1112 SN3601 SN3601/2 SN-111 SN-1112 SN-3601 SN-3601/2 SANSUI CARTRIDGES SV-111 SV-1112 SV111 SV1112 SANSUI MODELS 550 1400 DR-600 DR600 J500 P-1000 P1000 P-3000 P3000 P-E70 PE70 P-E 50 PE 50 P-E 70 PE 70 SYSTEM220 SYSTEM330 SYSTEM10 TP1400 TP220 SANYO MODELS 200 250 300 500 560 687 88 DCXW8 DCX18 J500 MIDIW18 RACK350 RACK360 RACKSYSTEM250 RACKSYSTEM60 SYSTEM1400 SYSTEM220 SYSTEM330 SYSTEM550 SYSTEM1400 SYSTEM220 SYSTEM230 SYSTEM550 TP-220 TP220 TP-250 TP250 TP-220 TP220 V32 STL-5D ST-L5D STL5D SANYO NEEDLES ATN-3650 ATN3650 ST-40 ST40 ST-L5D STL5D SCOTT MODELS 220 CCS6038 PS-150 PS150 PS-150 PS150 PS-39 PS39 RX200 RX210 SMP-53 SMP53 SYSTEM3230 TP250 SHARP NEEDLES N-7900 STY-123 STY-138 STY-140 STY-141 STY-142 STY-155 STY-163SHARP CARTRIDGES 123 SHARP Models RP-7900 SC-4900AV SHERWOOD MODELS PD-701B PD-702B PD701B PD702BSEARS MODELS 91895 91896 SONY PART NUMBER 1-549-132-11  154913211SONY NEEDLES N-6516 N6516 ND-142 ND142 ND-142EP ND142EP ND-142EY ND142EY ND-142G ND142G ND-142GP ND142GP ND-155G ND155G SONY CARTRTDGES VL-42G VL42G VL-55G VL55GSONY MODELS PS-LX110  PS-LX12- PSLX120 ALLIANCE20 ALLIANCE20W ALLIANCE26 ALLIANCE36 ALLIANCE46 ALLIANCE56 ALLIANCE56CD ALLIANCE66 ALLIANCE66CD ALLIANCE76 LX700 PRECISE-V700 PRECISEV700 PRECISE-V700W PRECISEV700W PS-CX700 PSCX700 PS-L750 PSL750 PS-LX155 PSLX155 PS-LX205 PSLX205 PS-LX210 PSLX210 PS-LX295 PSLX295 PS-LX220 PSLX220 PS-LX231 PSLX231 PS-LX250 PSLX250 PSLX250H PS-LX250H PS-LX285 PS-LX295 PS-LX310 PSLX310  PS-LX35 PSLX35 PS-LX35P PSLX35P  PS-LX45P PSLX45P  PS-LX410 PS-LX431 PSLX431 PS-LX435 PS-LX50 PSLX50 PS-LX70 PSLX70 PS-LX700 PSLX700 PS-LX700P PSLX700P PS-LX235 PSLX235 PS-LX431 PSLX431 PS-LX435 PSLX435 PS-LX47P  S-4500 S4500 S-5500 S5500 S-6500 S6500 S-7500CD S7500CD SESSION205 SESSION205D SESSION205W SESSION205F SYSTEM-M360 SYSTEMM360 SYSTEM-S205 SYSTEMS205 PS-LX205 PSLX205 SYLVANIA MODELS BP2664 TEAC PA688TOSHIBA NEEDLES N-16D N16D TOSHIBA CARTRIDGES C-16 C16 YAMAHA CARTRIDGES CG-7800 CG7800 CG-7700 CG7700 YAMAHA NEEDLES N-707 N707 N-7700 N7700 N-7800 N7800 N-7900 N7900 N-7900 N7900 N-710 N710 N-595 N595 CG-7900 CG7900Type a description for this product here...

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