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Generic ATN-3600 ATN3600 Type Stylus with Flip Guard

  • ATN-3600 ATN3600 Type Stylus with Flip Guard
0.01 KGS
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Product Description

- Speeds: 16,33,45, NOT for 78rpm use.

- Diamond 0.7 mil Conical tip needle. 

- 1.25 - 2.5 grams tracking pressure. 

- Color can vary from Red to Yellow, even blue and green


• AUDIO TECHNICA CARTRIDGES AT-3600 AT3600 AT-3600L AT3600L  AT-3601 AT3601 AT-3601 AT3601 AT-3650 AT3650 AT-3650L AT3650L AT-3651 AT3651 DB57 TR411 AT-N-2003 ATN2003 CN-5625AL CN5625AL CN-5625AL CN5625AL  AT-3601 AT3601 AT-3602E AT3602E AT94E AT-94E • AUDIO TECHNICA NEEDLES  ATN-3601E ATN3601E ATN-3602E ATN3602E ATN-3601 ATN3601 ATN-3650 ATN3650 ATN-3650C ATN3650C ATN-3650L ATN3650L  ATN-3652 ATN3652 ATN-3652E ATN3652E ATN-2001 ATN2001 ATN-2002 ATN2002 ATN-2003 ATN2003 ATN-2004 ATN2004 ATN-2005 ATN2005 ATN-3651 ATN3651 ATN-3691 ATN3691 • AIWA NEEDLES AN-11 AN11 • AIWA MODELS PX-E850 • CURTIS MODELS KP400 KX2000 • CURTIS NEEDLES EPS-43STSD EPS43STSD RB00005 • CURTIS CARTRIDGES EPC-36SMBD EPC36SMBD RB00004 • DENON CARTRIDGES DSN-72 DSN72 JM-78K JM78K DENON DSN-82 DSN82 • DUAL CARTRIDGES DMS-235 DMS235 DMS-239 DMS239 • DUAL MODELS CS138 CS511 CS514 CS520 CS610Q HIFI1020 HIFI1120 HIFI1160 HIFI1180 HIFI1260 HIFI1460 HS120 HS144 • DUAL NEEDLES DN-235 DN235 DN-239 DN239 • EVG NEEDLES 2312D PM2312D • JVC CARTRIDGES DT-55II DT55II QL-F300 QLF300 DT-55 DT55 L-F11Z LF11Z MD-1055E MD1055E MD-1055Z MD1055Z • JVC MODELS AL-A10BK ALA10BK AL-A10 ALA10 AL-E11 ALE11 AL-E33 ALE33 D-C-33 DC33 E11BK F-X1B FX1B F-X2B FX2B F-X3B FX3B F-X10B FX10B G-AV350 GAV350 G-AV500 GAV500 G-R100 GR100 G-R200 GR200 G-R300 GR300 G-R50 GR50 G-R11 GR11 G-R1B GR1B G-R22 GR22 G-R44 GR44 G-X100 GX100 G-X200 GX200 G-X300 GX300 G-XlB GXlB G-X200B GX200B G-X202B GX202B G-X222 GX222 G-X4-B GX4B G-X400 GX400 G-X400B GX400B G-X100B GX100B G-X111 GX111 G-X150X1B GX150X1B G-X111 GX111 G-X11B GX11B G-X11BM GX11BM G-X150 GX150 G-X2B GX2B G-X2BW GX2BW G-X300B GX300B G-X300S GX300S G-X302B GX302B G-X333 GX333 G-X3BW GX3BW G-X3CD GX3CD G-X400S GX400S G-X400SW GX400SW G-XW1B GXW1B G-XW10B GXW10B G-XW310B GXW310B G-XW312B GXW312B G-XW312S GXW312S L-A100 LA100 L-A110 LA110 L-A110B LA110B L-A120B LA120B L-A55 LA55 L-A90 LA90 L-A100(SOME) LA100(SOME) L-A100 LA100 L-T11 LT11 L-A90 LA90 L-AX1B LAX1B L-AX1 LAX1 L-3B L3B L-11B L11B L-AX1 LAX1 L-F210 LF210 L-F210-B LF210B  L-L10 LL10 L-L10B LL10B L-T11 LT11 MIDI-W11 MIDIW11 QL-A200 QLA200 QL-A220 QLA220 QL-A220B QLA220B QL-F300 QLF300 QL-F320 QLF320 QL-F320B QLF320B QL-FX5 QLFX5 QL-FX5B QLFX5B STYLISTIC-110 STYLISTIC110 STYLISTIC-222 STYLISTIC222 STYLISTIC-34 STYLISTIC34  STYLISTIC-36 STYLISTIC36 STYLISTIC-40 STYLISTIC40 STYLISTIC-401 STYLISTIC401 STYLISTIC-403 STYLISTIC403 STYLISTIC-405 STYLISTIC405 STYLISTIC-GX1B STYLISTICGX1B STYLISTIC-GX11B STYLISTICGX11B STYLISTIC-GX2B STYLISTICGX2B STYLISTIC-GX3B STYLISTICGX3B STYLISTIC-GX3R STYLISTICGX3R STYLISTIC-L-L10B STYLISTICLL10B XL-V-200 XLV200 • JVC NEEDLES DT-55 DT55 DT 55B DT55B DT-55W DT55W DT-55II DT55II DT-59 DT-58II DT59 DT58II • KENWOOD NEEDLES N-74 N-76 N74 N76 • KENWOOD CARTRIDGES V-76 V-74 V76 V74 • KENWOOD MODELS KD-54R KD-291R • MAGNAVOX NEEDLES 25130072 MAGNOVOX MODELS 1850 1851 BC1849 MD1849 • ONKYO CARTRIDGES OC-61 OC61 ONKYO MODELS CP-1033A CP1033A CP-1007A CP1007A CP-1022A CP1022A CP-1026A CP1026A CP-1044A CP1044A CP-1046F CP1046F LICENSE37 LICENSE17X LICENSE17X27 LICENSE37 SOUNDSTAGE22 SOUNDSTAGE33 SOUNDSTAGE44 SYSTEM1 SYSTEM1XB SYSTEM2XB SYSTEM15 SYSTEM15X SYSTEM26X SYSTEM435-20R SYSTEM43520R ONKYO NEEDLES DN-61ST DN61ST DN-63STE DN63STE DN-65ST DN65ST • PANASONIC CARTRIDGES EPC-43STSD EPC43STSD PANASONIC/TECHNICS CARTRIDGES EPC-36 EPC36 EPC-36SMBD EPC36SMBD EPC-43STSD EPC43STSD EPC-75SMHD EPC75SMHD PANASONIC/TECHNICS MODELS P5R(Soundscape) P7 SC-3212 SC3212 SG-V11 SGV11 SC-3111 SC3111 SC-3112 SC3112 SC-3200 SC3200 SC-3202 SC3202 SC-3210 SC3210 SC-3211 SC3211 SC-3400 SC3400 SC-3101 SC3101 SC-3201 SC3201 SG-V55 SGV55 • PANASONIC/TECHNICS NEEDLES EPS-43STSD EPS43STSD EPS-75STHSD EPS75STHSD • PHILCO MODELS M2766Q • PHILIPS MODELS  F880 F883 • PHILIPS CARTRIDGES F310 F320 F330 F780 GP780 • PIONEER NEEDLES  PZP1004 PN-230 PN-240 • PIONEER CARTRIDGES PC-230 PC-240 • PIONEER MODELS 4000 A1000 A3000 A4000 PERSONA-S30 PERSONAS30 PL-340 PL340 PL-340 PL340 PL-600 PL600 SYSTEM-5400 SYSTEM5400 SYSTEM-X2000 SYSTEMX2000 • SANSUI NEEDLES SN111 SN1112 SN3601 SN3601/2 SN-111 SN-1112 SN-3601 SN-3601/2 • SANSUI CARTRIDGES SV-111 SV-1112 SV111 SV1112 SANSUI MODELS 550 1400 DR-600 DR600 J500 P-1000 P1000 P-3000 P3000 P-E70 PE70 P-E 50 PE 50 P-E 70 PE 70 SYSTEM220 SYSTEM330 SYSTEM10 TP1400 TP220 • SANYO MODELS 200 250 300 500 560 687 88 DCXW8 DCX18 J500 MIDIW18 RACK350 RACK360 RACKSYSTEM250 RACKSYSTEM60 SYSTEM1400 SYSTEM220 SYSTEM330 SYSTEM550 SYSTEM1400 SYSTEM220 SYSTEM230 SYSTEM550 TP-220 TP220 TP-250 TP250 TP-220 TP220 V32 STL-5D ST-L5D STL5D • SANYO NEEDLES ATN-3650 ATN3650 ST-40 ST40 ST-L5D STL5D • SCOTT MODELS 220 CCS6038 PS-150 PS150 PS-150 PS150 PS-39 PS39 RX200 RX210 SMP-53 SMP53 SYSTEM3230 TP250 • SHARP NEEDLES N-7900 STY-123 STY-138 STY-140 STY-141 STY-142 STY-155 STY-163 • SHARP CARTRIDGES 123 • Sharp Models RP-7900 SC-4900AV • SEARS MODELS 91895 91896 • SONY PART NUMBER 1-549-132-11  154913211 • SONY NEEDLES N-6516 N6516 ND-142 ND142 ND-142EP ND142EP ND-142EY ND142EY ND-142G ND142G ND-142GP ND142GP ND-155G ND155G  • SONY CARTRTDGES VL-42G VL42G VL-55G VL55G • SONY MODELS PS-LX110 ALLIANCE20 ALLIANCE20W ALLIANCE26 ALLIANCE36 ALLIANCE46 ALLIANCE56 ALLIANCE56CD ALLIANCE66 ALLIANCE66CD ALLIANCE76 LX700 PRECISE-V700 PRECISEV700 PRECISE-V700W PRECISEV700W PS-CX700 PSCX700 PS-L750 PSL750 PS-LX205 PSLX205 PS-LX210 PSLX210 PS-LX295 PSLX295 PS-LX220 PSLX220 PS-LX231 PSLX231  PS-LX250 PSLX250 PSLX250H PS-LX250H PS-LX285 PS-LX295 PS-LX310 PSLX310 PS-LX35 PSLX35 PS-LX35P PSLX35P PS-LX410 PS-LX431 PSLX431 PS-LX435 PS-LX50 PSLX50 PS-LX70 PSLX70 PS-LX700 PSLX700 PS-LX700P PSLX700P PS-LX235 PSLX235 PS-LX431 PSLX431 PS-LX435 PSLX435 S-4500 S4500 S-5500 S5500 S-6500 S6500 S-7500CD S7500CD SESSION205 SESSION205D SESSION205W SESSION205F SYSTEM-M360 SYSTEMM360 SYSTEM-S205 SYSTEMS205 PS-LX205 PSLX205 • SYLVANIA MODELS BP2664 • TEAC MODEL P-988 • TOSHIBA NEEDLES N-16D N16D • TOSHIBA CARTRIDGES C-16 C16 • YAMAHA CARTRIDGES CG-7800 CG7800 CG-7700 CG7700 • YAMAHA NEEDLES N-707 N707 N-7700 N7700 N-7800 N7800 N-7900 N7900 N-7900 N7900 N-710 N710 N-595 N595 CG-7900 CG7900

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